Understanding frozen shoulder

July 24, 2014 by shahzaib15780

Frozen shoulder is such a painful condition that patients in the past have equated to being tormented by a medieval torture rack. Because it tends to arise, progress, and ultimately dissipate without any particular cause or warning, many patients find themselves mystified by the condition.

This article helps to demystify the various stages and remedies associated with frozen shoulder, covering everything from the freeze to the thaw. Although restricted movement and steroid injections remain common prescriptions, some cases will require more aggressive intervention:

In certain severe case a manipulation under general anaesthesia maybe necessary though stringent exercise following this is essential for a good outcome. Resistant case[s] may need an Arthroscopic Capsular release surgery. Open releases have become obsolete with the advent of Arthroscopic Surgeries (key hole surgeries) which are definitely less morbid and have a faster recovery period.

If you are dealing with the immobility and distress of frozen shoulder, please contact a San Diego orthopedic surgeon today.

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