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An integrative patient care approach is an entirely new and cutting edge concept in musculoskeletal medicine. This holistic movement has left its imprint on many of the nation’s hospitals, universities, and medical schools. We embrace the philosophy of treating the person, not just the symptoms or disease. This uniquely collaborative and integrative approach is endorsed by our well-rounded group of orthopedic specialists which include an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist, and sports nutritionist. Our goal is the well-being and health of all our patients, young and old. Our collaborative efforts are particularly fruitful for elite and recreational athletes, with an interest in regaining function and returning to their active lifestyle.


Doctor of Medicine

Meet Dr. Robert Afra, a trusted physician in your journey to holistic health. His impressive credentials, coupled with an excellent bedside manner make him one of the leading figures in San Diego sports medicine orthopedic surgery millieu. Having previously served as Chief of Sports Medicine at UCSD Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Afra not only navigates the world of orthopedic medicine but also focuses on the whole body – holistic approach.

In the realm of surgical prowess, Dr. Afra is ahead of the curve, regularly performing state-of-the-art procedures that exemplify the frontier of orthopedic practice. Patients struggling with knee osteoarthritis have found pain relief and substantial functional improvement as a result of his expertise with robotic total knee arthroplasty, a procedure that combines advanced robotics with surgical precision to offer an enhanced outcome. His capability extends to the treatment of multiligamentous knee tears, where he performs complex knee ligament reconstructions (including ACL reconstruction), restoring both function and stability to the affected knee in the injured athlete.  Thousands of San Diego athletes including those who play soccer, football, and gymnastics have benefited from Dr. Afra’s surgical expertise, from ACL reconstruction to shoulder labral repair.

Shoulder injuries that require arthroscopic or more invasive open surgery also fall within Dr. Afra’s domain of expertise. In cases of glenohumeral bone loss, he adeptly performs complex shoulder reconstructions, providing relief to patients and allowing them to reclaim their range of motion and return to sports. For patients with massive rotator cuff tears, Dr. Afra utilizes the cutting-edge reverse shoulder arthroplasty technique, thereby enabling them to regain their shoulder functionality and improve their quality of life.

As a seasoned educator, Dr. Afra enjoys fostering the minds of future medical professionals. His active mentorship and teaching extend to medical students, undergraduates, and high school students with dreams of making their mark in medicine.  He continues to teach practicing orthopedic surgeons in advanced techniques such as: hip arthroscopic labral repair, shoulder arthroscopic labral repair, and knee arthroscopic ACL reconstruction.  He is a recognized Master Instructor with the major orthopedic surgery societies.

In his downtime, Dr. Afra is an avid outdoor enthusiast, as he enjoys swimming and cycling year round. He is a passionate skier and finds joy in the backcountry.  He strongly believes in helping athletes achieve their goals of returning to the activities that bring them a sense of accomplishment and boost mood/energy.  Dr. Afra recognizes how this enhances an athletes mental and physical well-being.  He finds tranquility in the practice of yoga, weaving mindfulness into his daily routine. Above all, he cherishes the time he spends with his wife, Johanna, and their children Aviya, Mycah and Raphi.

A blend of professional prowess and personal warmth, Dr. Robert Afra is more than an orthopedic surgeon. He’s an innovative practitioner, a passionate educator, a research contributor, and an adviser on your path to better health. He brings humanity to the world of sports medicine, making it approachable, and above all, patient-centric.

Catherine Gillespie, MPT

Physical Therapist

Cathie Gillespie, a distinguished physical therapist, brings over two decades of extensive outpatient orthopedic experience to our clinic. A 1997 graduate of Western University of Health Sciences, she holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Cathie’s professional journey includes a tenure as a part-owner of Personally Fit Physical Therapy and Fitness in Rancho Bernardo, where she honed her skills in managing and treating a diverse patient population.

Her comprehensive expertise spans pre and post-operative care for joint replacements, rehabilitation of shoulder, knee, and spine conditions, as well as addressing balance, vestibular dysfunction, and postural imbalances. Cathie also possesses advanced knowledge in the treatment of neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Her capabilities extend to conducting foot and ankle evaluations and fabricating orthotics.

Cathie’s approach to treatment is holistic, viewing the body as an interconnected system that functions collectively. She is committed to restoring function and improving the quality of life for her patients. Her therapeutic methods emphasize a one-on-one manual approach, incorporating soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education using a functional approach. Pilates often features in her therapeutic exercises to enhance strength and flexibility.

A Colorado native, Cathie has made San Diego her home for the past 26 years. Outside of her professional commitments, she enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her husband and two daughters. Their family activities include camping, road trips, and visiting relatives in Montana. An enthusiastic animal lover, Cathie takes delight in sharing stories about her German Shepherd when the opportunity arises.

Jason Kart, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jason Kart, a seasoned chiropractor with three decades of private practice experience, and former esteemed position of Dean of Education at California College, San Diego. He has dedicated his career to providing relief to individuals suffering from a wide range of ailments, including back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica, sports injuries, and arthritis pain. His patient base is diverse, extending from professional athletes to those dealing with chronic pain. His approach is rooted in identifying and addressing the underlying neuromuscular imbalances and improper biomechanics that often cause these conditions.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science from the University of the State of New York, Dr. Kart pursued his passion for chiropractic medicine, earning his Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1995.

Dr. Kart’s interest in holistic studies concerning the human body informs his practice. Beyond traditional chiropractic methods, he employs non-invasive techniques and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to optimize patient outcomes. Each patient receives a personalized care plan, meticulously designed to provide the best possible path to healing. Dr. Kart’s credentials include certification as a Performance for Life Practitioner and a Master in B.E.S.T. Technique. He has also pursued post-graduate studies in orthopedics, nutrition, functional medicine, and preventative medicine.

Committed to community service, Dr. Kart has collaborated with Stand Down, an organization dedicated to providing treatment to homeless veterans. A native of Westbury, New York, Dr. Kart relocated to the scenic city of San Diego seventeen years ago. He shares his life with his wife, Sonia, and their five children. Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Kart is an avid music enthusiast, and has a keen interest in sports.

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Amanda  Martin is a distinguished Doctor of Physical Therapy recognized for her personalized, hands-on approach to individual therapy and recovery needs. She earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from San Diego State University, demonstrating a strong educational background that supplements her expertise in hands-on manual therapy.
Dr. Martin excels in delivering targeted treatment plans, drawing on her expert clinical reasoning, impressive manual skills, and the innovative use of rehabilitative technologies. A cornerstone of her practice is strong manual therapy, which allows her to specialize in joint and soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, deep tissue muscle work, muscle energy techniques, and lymphatic drainage.  She also possesses a strong understanding of exercise prescription, proprioceptive neuromuscular reeducation, and return to sport training and vestibular treatments.
These techniques have proved invaluable in treating a wide range of muscle and soft tissue ailments that result from sports injuries, car accidents, or other forms of trauma.
In her previous role at California Children’s Services she showcased her adaptability to evolving healthcare practices, employing both in-person and telehealth modalities for patient treatment. Dr. Martin’s commitment to continuing education is evident most notably through her presentation on Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) in the pediatric population to the San Diego County Health and Human Services.
As the prior Director of the San Marcos clinic of Rancho Physical Therapy, Dr. Martin demonstrated effective leadership skills in overseeing the clinic’s functions, staff training, and growth. Her experience treating a diverse patient demographic attests to her broad expertise in the field.
During her role with us at Orthopedic Surgery San Diego, Dr. Martin has established an efficient physical therapy treatment area from the ground up, illustrating her strong initiative, leadership, and personalized patient care. Her role encompassed the creation of customized treatment programs, incorporating exercises and self-care measures tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Dr. Martin worked in biotechnology as a cell and molecular biologist for both Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Inc.
Dr. Martin exemplifies dedication to patient-centered care. Her blend of clinical acumen, compassionate care, and proficiency in creating attainable recovery programs has solidified her reputation in the physical therapy field. Through her strong manual therapy skills and specialized techniques, Dr. Martin continues to improve health outcomes for her patients, representing the best in physical therapy practice.
When she is not working, Amanda enjoys traveling with her husband and son, playing soccer, practicing Okinawan Shorin-Ryu karate, snowboarding and scuba diving.


Doctor of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Dr. Mo Javaherian, an accomplished practitioner of Chinese medicine, brings a rich tapestry of international experience to his work. Born in Iran, his journey has taken him across the globe, studying, teaching, and practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine in the United States, Canada, and China. He currently holds esteemed positions as a professor and Department Chair of Acupuncture at the Pacific College of Health Science.

At the age of 17, Dr. Javaherian relocated to the United States, where he pursued clinical chemistry at Seattle University in Washington. His interest in holistic healing led him to the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, where he earned a degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

In 1984, he ventured to China to deepen his understanding of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and western medicine. His seven-year sojourn in China was marked by significant personal and professional milestones, including earning a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, marriage, and the birth of his daughter. During his time in Nanjing, Dr. Javaherian engaged in diverse areas of research and treatment modalities, focusing on pain management, weight loss, and the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. He also mastered Mandarin during this period.

In 1991, Dr. Javaherian returned to his homeland with his family and established a private practice in Tehran, where he specialized in facial rejuvenation through acupuncture, among other treatments. His academic pursuits continued as he took on professorial roles at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Michener Institute of Health and Science in Canada, while simultaneously running his private practice.

In 2005, Dr. Javaherian and his family sought the warmth of San Diego. When he is not imparting knowledge to his students or attending to patients, he indulges in his love for classical music, painting, reading, gastronomy, and travel.

Bill McDonald

Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach

With an impressive melding of military medical expertise and a seasoned fitness background, Bill McDonald stands as a distinguished authority in the realm of functional strength and conditioning. His multifaceted journey, defined by unwavering commitment and rigorous training, has honed his skills and created a platform for him to guide others in their pursuit of robust health and exceptional physical performance.

Armed with a degree in Health Science and an impressive suite of certifications including Nutrition, Obstacle Race Training, Fitness Training, and PIYO (a fusion of Pilates and Yoga), Bill’s academic credentials complement his practical proficiency. As a Cross Core Suspension Training Master Instructor and a proud graduate of the Army’s Master Fitness Program, he has delved deep into the science of body mechanics, core stability, and overall physical performance.

Bill’s military service spanning over two decades, traversing active duty, National Guard, and reserve duty, has added another layer of invaluable insight to his coaching approach. Thirteen years spent in the demanding arena of Special Operations further sharpened his expertise, allowing him to master high-intensity, comprehensive training methodologies that foster resilience and adaptability.

The cornerstone of Bill’s philosophy in health and fitness finds its roots in an eight-year immersion in clinical and trauma medicine. His two decades of experience as a certified fitness trainer have presented him with a diverse clientele, ranging from elite Special Forces to promising high school athletes and seasoned business professionals in their seventies.

Bill’s principal objective is to impart an intimate understanding of the human body’s mechanics to his clients. By emphasizing the development of core strength, he assists them in navigating common physical issues such as back pain and avoiding potential injuries to critical joints like shoulders, knees, and hips. His approach empowers individuals to recognize their physical deficiencies, enhance performance, and curtail the risk of reinjury.

Bill McDonald is committed to guiding his clients towards a paradigm shift in their perception of fitness. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, he fosters a leapfrog transition to the ‘next level’ of athletic prowess and exercise performance. Fitness, in Bill’s perspective, is not merely about physical capabilities; it’s about comprehending the body’s design, harnessing its potential, and creating a sustainable pathway for lifelong health and vitality.

Jennifer Martin

Yoga Strength and Conditioning Coach

It was during her formative college years, when she balanced academic rigor with the physical demands of being a student athlete, that Jennifer first discovered the transformative practice of yoga. Initially attracted by the physical benefits – a remarkable increase in strength and flexibility – that were derived from attending yoga classes several times a week, it wasn’t long before she started to perceive the profound mental and emotional rewards of this ancient discipline.

Jennifer’s fascination with yoga morphed into a fundamental cornerstone of her lifestyle, particularly in the years following her graduation. Yoga offered her much more than a mere extension of her athletic endeavors; it opened up a universe of inner exploration, self-awareness and tranquility that was both deeply fulfilling and intellectually intriguing. She was captivated by the profound mind-body connection she experienced during her practice. The serene sense of accomplishment and the sheer bliss she felt after each session were nothing short of sublime, creating a spiritual resonance that was as compelling as it was uplifting.

In 2011, Jennifer decided to delve further into this intriguing world by intensifying her commitment to yoga. She enrolled for the Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga, and in a year’s time, she had earned the prestigious Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation. It was a significant milestone, both in her personal and professional journey, marking her transformation from a student to a teacher, a guide for others in the sacred path of yoga.

Jennifer’s teaching style underscores the importance of proper alignment, an approach ensuring that her students optimize the benefits of each pose by engaging the correct muscle groups. Her goal extends beyond mere physical fitness. The use of yoga, particularly in mitigating back pain, enhancing flexibility, and bolstering core strength, contributes towards a holistic wellbeing, offering both physical relief and a deep sense of inner peace.

Life for Jennifer, in the coastal haven of Ocean Beach, is a vibrant tapestry of personal and professional fulfillment. Together with her husband Greg, their daughter Vivian, and their two canine companions Bentley and Wrigley, she cherishes a rich family life. When not teaching or practicing yoga, she loves to venture outdoors, running with her dogs, hiking along picturesque trails, or exploring unique and flavorsome experiences at new restaurants. Yoga, for Jennifer, is not just a practice but a philosophy, and it infuses every aspect of her life with its calm and centered energy.


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr Alexis Adiarte received her B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Montana in 2006 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010.  She is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with over 7 years experience in orthopedic rehabilitation. After graduation, she moved to Seattle where she started her career in sports-based orthopedic rehabilitation. In 2013 she moved to San Diego with her husband where she continues her career in outpatient orthopedics, specializing in sports injuries, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, overuse injuries, and chronic/degenerative conditions.

She has advanced training in manual therapy techniques, including mobilization with movement, muscle energy treatment, strain counter strain treatment, and myofascial release. She is also trained in advanced spinal management, using the McKenzie method. She believes in combining hands-on therapy with prescribed exercises and patient education to maximize long-term functional outcomes.   Every treatment is tailored to meet her patient’s specific needs and goals.

She currently lives in Pacific Beach with her husband and son Archer.   She is originally from Montana, where she developed a love for skiing and hiking.   During her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, skiing, running, yoga, and wakeboarding.

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