Shoulder surgery extends careers

July 24, 2014 by shahzaib15780

Shoulder injury is common in the NFL, as any diehard sports fans can testify.  The video showing such injuries may be so graphic that many fans even wonder if the player will ever return to form, especially for NFL quarterbacks.

A new study has found encouraging news. Orthopedic shoulder surgery shows an overwhelming success rate among professional athletes:

The new study included 60 players who had shoulder stabilization surgery. Ninety percent of those who had this procedure successfully returned to play, defined as playing in at least one regular season game. The return rate was 82 percent for those who had open surgery and 92 percent for those who had minimally invasive (arthroscopic) surgery

These are numbers which should please anyone who plays, or is invested in, football on a competitive level. They also serve as a reminder that shoulder surgery is a safe and effective way to relieve pain and reclaim movement, no matter if you are a weekend warrior or a professional linebacker.

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