Orthopedic surgery and sports medicine are demanding disciplines, highlighted by a constant stream of innovative medical technologies. As an experienced orthopedic surgeon here in San Diego, I field a lot of questions from my patients about how to treat sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain. Although I make time to answer questions in person, I have often wished I had a space where I could explore some of these questions in a bit more depth. This blog is that space – a place designed to discover and discuss what’s new, what’s next and what’s best in the field of orthopedic medicine. A brief word about me: I am the former Chief of Sports Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. I have completed fellowships and training at Boston University, Hawaii’s Queen Emma Medical Center, and the world famous O’Brien Microsurgical Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Earlier in my career, I studied at UCLA and conducted research at the Salk Institute on an NIH research stipend. As you look around this site, you’ll see that I offer a wide array of services, including cutting edge procedures in shoulder surgery, knee surgery and hand and elbow surgery. If you are experiencing lasting discomfort and want to consult with the finest team in Southern California, I invite you to visit my orthopedic surgery offices here today. In the meantime: please bookmark this site and check back often! We have lots of fascinating medical studies, news, ideas and developments ahead. Welcome aboard.

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