Resolving shoulder pain without surgery

May 29, 2014 by shahzaib15780

Orthopedic shoulder surgery can be an effective remedy for acute injury or for chronic pain and stiffness, but it’s a tool of last resort. Given the time commitment and lengthy recovery period, most patients would much rather try other strategies to avoid time in the OR.

The Web abounds with stories of shoulder pain sufferers who sought pain relief without medical interventions. This latest from the Los Angeles Times does a nice job of covering the full menu of options available to people in most cities. The highlight for me? This quote, which describes the basic problem of postures and inactivity that have become a national epidemic:

“What we are doing today does not support our eons of evolution,” said Heath Reed, a licensed massage and yoga therapist who practices in Phoenix. “There is no way our biology can keep up with technology. The lack of movement at all is our first problem. The secondary problem is our dysfunctional movement.”

I encourage you to read the full piece for a nicely balanced discussion of various interventions such as massage, exercise, physical therapy and Rolfing. Some additional tools to consider include Alexander technique and Feldenkrais.  And when you’d like to get checked out by an expert San Diego orthopedic surgeon, contact my offices today.

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