The “Magic” of Shoulder Surgery

December 26, 2013 by shahzaib15780

World-famous magician Chriss Angel has joined the ranks of countless athletes, CEOs and active people by announcing he will soon undergo shoulder surgery to repair several torn tendons.

Like so many mortals before him, Angel resisted as long as he could, but eventually the symptoms grew too grave to continue. “The pain is intense,” he recently told the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s there constantly but then goes from bad to worse before easing up.”

This is a familiar trajectory, one which far too many people travel before ultimately succumbing to the wisdom of surgery. When shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears and labral tears occur, they may feel a bit like prior injuries which heal on their own. But make no mistake – these are chronic issues which simply will not get better without expert orthopedic surgery. But the magic man himself has an ambitious game plan:

“[W]e have no other choice but to close it in January. But then in February and March I’ll be able to go back onstage to host a new limited-engagement show with many of the other magicians you’ve seen on the Spike series of ‘Believe.’ I promise, though, to be back in full force with the ‘Believe’ stage show in April and add illusions never done before live.”

And that’s the point. Expert shoulder surgery is an invasive process, but it also comes with an excellent prognosis for full recovery. If you want to learn more about this and other San Diego orthopedic surgery procedures, please contact my offices for a consultation here.

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