I have written before about the many ways our body’s natural substances can aid and expedite recovery via injection. Platelet-rich plasma is just one of the revolutionary advances in knee pain management that has earned attention in recent years, for instance, while stem cell therapies continue to gain momentum.

This recent video from the Boston Globe highlights one such approach; dubbed Regenics, it is a proprietary stem cell treatment designed to ease the inflammation and distress of shoulder injury, and promote faster healing:

I am proud to report that my San Diego orthopedic surgery practice remains at the forefront of innovative procedures in pain management and shoulder surgery. If you’d like to learn more about the best options to restore natural mobility and function, please contact the orthopedic shoulder surgery experts today.


Knee injury:  Warm weather brings many of us outdoors; here in San Diego, that can mean year-round soccer, lacrosse, football, gardening, golf, tennis and more. Sadly these same activities are often closely associated with osteoarthritis knee pain, a debilitating symptom which can hit the brakes on an otherwise active lifestyle.

My practice offers a number of remedies for chronic knee pain in San Diego, including some Tips of the latest revolutionary treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP). Our goal is quite simply to Tips you as a whole person, and to help you avoid knee surgery through gentler, noninvasive techniques.

As one article recently advised:

Don’t wait too long to see a specialist. A doctor who specializes in knee pain can be very helpful in guiding you through all the treatment options, even in the early stages of knee osteoarthritis. The most common specialists for knee osteoarthritis are orthopedic surgeons, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and rheumatologists.

If you’re suffering from knee pain and want to relieve yourself of this daily struggle, I urge you to contact the knee pain specialists at my San Diego orthopedic surgery offices today.

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