Elbow surgery in San Diego is often an effective remedy for chronic pain, but it is a remedy of last resort. Most elbow injuries resolve on their own with some basic rest. That said, there are some ways to speed the process a bit by promoting healing and mobility.

This list describes some of the most common elbow stretches designed to combat elbow tendinitis using nothing more than gentle flexion. Although elbow tendinitis is likely to respond to one or many of these options, it could take some time; be sure and try them all for a week or more before you make an assessment of success.

The core treatment measures to address tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is rest, an epicondylar brace, oral non steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets, acupuncture, physical therapy.  Sometimes injections such as steroids or platelet rich plasma (PRP) do the job.  And if the time should come that your elbow pain has grown too intense? Just contact the elbow surgery experts at San Diego Orthopedic Surgery to set up an appointment today.

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