It’s always exciting to work at the forefront of a field defined by so much innovation. I have written before about the many ways technology is changing orthopedic medicine. Now doctors and entrepreneurs are finding new paths to intuitive medical designs via 3D printing.

No two bodies are the same. This fact has long bedeviled designers and specialists looking to create braces that cover a variety of shapes and ranges of movement. Scoliosis in particular has been infamous in this regard, which is why it is encouraging that some people are finally creating ways to design utterly customized, one-of-a-kind braces:

The 3D printing and design company on Monday released its plans for a scoliosis brace that is devised to be sleek and comfortable. Dubbed “Bespoke,” the 3D-printed brace can be personalized to the backs of children and young adults who have the condition.

It is yet another sign that medical devices are finally catching up to other wearable technologies in terms of versatility and comfort. To learn more about how to relieve and treat back pain, please contact a San Diego orthopedic surgeon today.


3D Printed Orthopedic CastThe plaster cast is a mainstay of modern orthopedic medicine. It is the star of countless movies and memories in which an injured child returns to school and collects signatures from dozens of fawning friends. There is nothing like a cast.

Yet now the vaunted cast may be threatened. 3D printing promises to disrupt just about everything about the way objects are created, especially in medicine. Recently a graduate student created a prototype for a lightweight, printable cast made of polymer that includes low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) within its casing. The benefits are clear – far less weight, far more customization in form and appearance, and a greatly increased chance of faster healing thanks to the proven benefits of LIPUS.  Most importantly, depending on the 3D printed cast material, it may be safe to use in the water.

Think of this as just one of many new technologies that are changing the field of orthopedic surgery, giving patients across the country better access to more comfortable aftercare and healing. To learn more about some of the most advanced technologies in sports medicine, please contact my San Diego orthopedic surgery center today.

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