Obesity is a universal problem

September 14, 2014 by shahzaib15780

Knee pain and hip pain can be a result of osteoarthritis.  Sometimes shedding a few of the extra pounds we carry around with us can provide substantial pain relief.  In fact, some patients who have been told they may be a candidate for joint replacement find that the weight loss improves their pain to such degree that they no longer feel the need to undergo the surgical procedure.

What is obesity?

Due to modern day fast-paced daily lifestyles, many people are eating on the run, mostly snack type take away foods, resulting in growing weight problems. When a person consumes more calories than they burn, this leads to overweight and eventually obesity. Recent studies have shown that almost two thirds of Americans are overweight to some extent, and at least one third of these are actually obese.

Which  foods contribute most to overweight issues?

Food loaded with sodium, fat and with a low nutritional value, is the main culprit. Unfortunately these foods which include TV dinners, fast food such as hot dogs, burgers, and sugary drinks, are cheap and convenient for busy folk.

Why do people overeat?

There is not a “one shoe fits all” reason, although you could have some things in common with someone else.

Here are some well known reasons for overeating:

  • Boredom.
  • Depression or anxiety.
  • A rushed lifestyle which results in eating too much junk food.
  • Nibbling snacks while on the phone, in the car, in front of the computer or watching TV.
  • Poor lifestyle habits.
  • Portions which are hopelessly too large for your needs.

The risks of obesity.

Obesity is a risk factor for several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problem  issues, stroke and osteoarthritis. Carrying too much body weight can do real damage to your knees and hips, setting you up for a lot of pain.

Research has shown that when you weigh more than you should, the extra force on the knee cartilage results in knee pain, which over time, can be linked to osteoarthritis.

The same applies to the hip, where pain which seriously limits mobility, is also associated with obesity. Studies show that cartilage damage causes hip pain which may also lead to osteoarthritis. If overweight and obesity is allowed to continue unchecked, a knee replacement as well as a hip replacement, is very much on the cards.

A smart way forward.

Losing weight will cut your risk of obesity-related diseases, and definitely ease the pressure on your joints which causes knee and hip pain. Note that you may not be overweight, but still have knee pain and hip pain. If that is the case, keeping your weight down is just as important to prevent the pain from getting worse.

Embarking on a weight loss program is the smartest way forward to improve your health and take some of the stress off painful knee and hip joints.

A good dietician can help you plan healthy meals so that you consume fewer calories, and show you how to adjust your portions so that you steadily begin to lose weight (phentermine).

Make the right decision to put yourself back on the road to pain free, optimal good health.

If you have been told you would benefit from a hip replacement or knee replacement, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.  Our award winning surgeons at Orthopedic Surgery San Diego will provide you individualized treatment to get you back in the game!


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