Does your knee hurts?

December 3, 2014 by shahzaib15780
knee hurt



Reasons for knee pain can vary.
If you constantly suffer from knee pain, this could be as a result from a present or previous injury, or a medical reason such as gout or arthritis. Either way, knee pain is debilitating and restrictive to everyday activities. Failure to address the problem could result in long-term problems and possible disability.
What sort of injury or factors can contribute to knee pain?
• Sportsmen participating in vigorous sports such as rugby, tennis, squash, soccer and hockey, as well as runners, are very prone to knee injuries. These injuries include torn cartilage, damaged or torn ligaments, dislocation of the kneecap or perhaps even a broken bone. All or any of these will cause extreme knee pain needing speedy medical intervention.
• Another factor is the issue of overweight and obesity. The stress placed on the knees having to support excessive body weight can lead to permanent joint damage and a lack of mobility which grows worse with time.
• A medical issue will arise from the development of arthritis or osteoarthritis. This condition may be caused by the stress of obesity, old injuries, over use from vigorous sporting activities, or even genetic influences. Left untreated, knee pain will increase as you grow older.
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What are the treatment options?
• The most suitable treatment depends on the cause of the pain and the degree to which mobility and function is limited. This will be determined by your doctor after an intensive examination and tests have been done.
• One option would be to embark on a course of conservative, non-surgical treatment such as anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy and specific exercises.
• If no relief is obtained from the conservative treatment, your doctor may suggest knee surgery to correct the problem and relieve the symptoms.
The knee surgery option.
If it has been recommended that you need knee surgery, the San Diego Orthopedic Surgeon Center is equipped to provide first-rate options for every type of knee condition. Supervised and administered by renowned orthopaedist Dr Robert Afra, we offer minimally invasive knee surgery options from arthroscopic cartilage repair to ligamental reconstruction, resurfacing techniques and partial or total knee replacement.
surgical treatment
Before any knee surgery is undertaken, the medical team at the San Diego Orthopedic Surgeon Center will undertake a comprehensive orthopedic assessment to establish the reason for the surgical intervention as well as a preoperative medical clearance to reduce post-operative risks.
We also provide patient education about what to expect during knee surgery, how to manage pain and the best way to move about after the operation.
The San Diego Orthopedic Surgeon Center is focussed on addressing all patient concerns or questions and providing the best treatment to restore your quality of life.
Don’t be overwhelmed by suffering constant knee pain. The San Diego Center can assist you to find permanent relief.

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