An i phone can result in broken bones and pain for young children!

November 25, 2014 by shahzaib15780

broken hand

Now this might sound a bit strange, but yes, it is absolutely true. However it is not that young children are running around using iPhones that result in broken faults.  On the contrary, the fault lies with their parents.

Research by a graduate student at Yale suggests that the explosive expansion of the 3G cellphone network has led to a remarkable widespread adoption of the iPhone. Parents who have discovered fascinating new apps on their phones, sometimes forget to pay attention to their young children. The studies conducted include only children under the age of 6 years, and the focus is on neighbourhood playgrounds only.

Information about playground accidents involving young children suffering sprains, broken bones and even concussion, gleaned from hospital emergency rooms, strongly points to parents not effectively watching their children. Visits to various playgrounds have also shown moms or dads engrossed in their new electronic toy, while small children clamber on potentially dangerous apparatus.

Most times it is the cry of pain from a child who has had a fall that attracts the attention of a parent! Depending on the nature of the fall, the injury could be nothing more than a scratch, or perhaps much more serious.

broken arm

What kind of injury could my child suffer from a playground fall or accident?

The most common playground injuries seen are related to the wrist and elbow.


A wrist injury would include the following:

  • A wrist sprain can occur from just a momentary loss of balance, quite easy for a young child. A tiny hand will naturally go out to break the fall and the force of impact can stretch and pull the ligaments that connect the wrist and hand bones. Severe wrist pain will follow.
  • If the force of impact is very severe and the child falls awkwardly, it could result in a fracture.
  • The best course of action will be to seek medical attention, especially if there is a lot of pain and swelling. If the wrist is hanging in an odd or bent way, it could signify a wrist fracture which would require immediate attention, and possibly even surgery.

Elbow injuries are common in children, and if not quickly and expertly attended to, can affect the growth and development of the bones, as bone growth continues throughout childhood. Symptoms and signs include the following,which could indicate an elbow sprain, fracture or another injury needing medical attention.

  • Painful swelling in the area immediately above and below the elbow.
  • A deformity of the elbow joint and elbow pain, could signify an elbow fracture.
  • Any discolouration, bruising or redness.
  • Pain and difficulty moving the elbow through a complete range of motion.

Fractures in children.

A broken bone or fracture in children cannot always be taken at face value. A simple fracture may heal well with just a cast treatment. Some types of childhood fractures might need surgical intervention for the bones to knit and promote future good growth. Medical diagnosis is of utmost importance.

Prevention is better than cure!

Parents, by all means enjoy your iPhone. But put it aside if you take your children to a playground with all its play apparatus and the potential for an accident or a fall for little ones.Paying attention to what your child is doing can prevent painful injuries from happening, as well as save you the added stress of coping with a child in pain from an injury, which could have been prevented.

If your child has sustained a wrist injury or has elbow pain, contact our pediatric sports medicine specialists at Orthopedic Surgery San Diego for a consultation.   

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