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September 3, 2014 by shahzaib15780

I had a small fracture my right foot as a result of a freak slip and fall last year. My
primary care doctor recommended Dr. Robert Afra as a specialist who she felt would be
a good referral for me in my situation
One of the first things I appreciate is I was always able to see the doctor within minutes
of an on time arrival for my scheduled appointments. My interactions with Dr. Afra were
clear, concise and caring. He is very pleasant and spends the necessary time
explaining, in lay person’s terms, what is going on. He listened to my concerns and laid
out the various options with the likely outcome of each and helped guide me to the best
plan. The result is that I am back to where I was before the incident.
I would highly recommend Dr. Afra and his staff in matters of Orthopedics and the like


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