Dr. Robert Afra and his team of orthopedic surgery specialists have been lucky enough to receive some incredibly kind praise and thanks over our years working with patients in Southern California. Below is a brief sample of some of our favorites:
You can say that Dr. Afra is our family sports Doc. My wife was a long distance runner (she still runs several miles every morning but she doesn’t consider that long distance) and she been seeing him for years. Both our kids were very heavy into high school team sports and went to him for injuries beyond having the trainer put on ace wrap and applying ice. Then, of course, I went to him when I injured my knee doing dog agility. We love that he takes the time to explain things in plan, simple English, but will go into as much detail as we want when we ask him complicated questions. He has always completely discussed what the treatment options were and discussed the pros and cons of each course of action so we could make an informed decision. We also love the attention he and his staff gave us during our treatment. We trust him because he’s a great surgeon who will make sure h…
Ken B. - Carlsbad, CA

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